Jumat, 23 Oktober 2015

Suzuki satria

Modifikasi Suzuki Satria FU Yamaha launched the motorcycle that will be loved by the public. Surely we are familiar with output Yamaha Vega motorcycle. This time Yamaha issued a new type which is touted as the latter type refinement of Yamaha Vega are always experiencing upgrades every year. This motor is named Yamaha New Vega RR. As we know that Vega of various types are always sold on the market. As well as the type of Vega which will be discussed this time. With New Yamaha Vega RR price very affordable, people can get a cool motorcycle and quality.

New Yamaha Vega RR was launched was to target large markets that can be reached and loved by all the people of Indonesia. Therefore, Yamaha Vega refining the design of the previous and also pay more attention to the features, performance, and quality of the engine. New Yamaha Vega RR designed more sporty and stylish because of the tendency of society today is more like motors that smelled sport. Despite the improved performance, but the price remains RR Yamaha New Vega offered within a reasonable range, not far adrift with prices Vega on previous types.

Changes shown by Yamaha New Vega RR is very evident in his appearance that looks sporty and aggressive. It was seen on the wings sharp indentations, lamp parts and looks chest strippingnya nuanced gahar and motorcycle racing. So that at first glance one would expect that the price of Yamaha New Vega RR impressed expensive like motorcycle riders. This motor is also designed with a slim and lightweight form. So suitable for use by anyone and are ready to penetrate all fields including road congestion. New Yamaha Vega RR has a capacity of 115 cc engine with 4-speed transmission. On the fuel consumption using YMJET-FI who make more efficient fuel consumption, ie per 1 liter of fuel can reach 46 km trip.

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