Kamis, 09 April 2015

Minuman berenergi

Energy drinks with the award for 15 consecutive years
Red Bull is an energy drink with a world-class international standards. Red Bull
Thailand was first formulated in 1962 under the auspices of TC Pharmaceutical.
Red Bull is marketed worldwide use with standard trademark RedBull
quality and international security. Local flavor and aroma tailored to the tastes of people
Indonesia. Is Red Bull Energy drink options Trusted Indonesia to achieve
Indonesian Customer Satifaction Award for 15 consecutive years. Only Red Bull
who was awarded the ICSA since first launched. Besides grabbing Indonesian
Customer Satifaction Award, Red Bull won the highest and most prestigious award
The energy drink category include:
- Indonesian Best Brand Award
- Top Brand Award
- Indonesia Most Favorite Youth Brand
- Wow Brand Champion
- Social Media Award
- Super Brand Award
Energy drinks with pure sugar
Red Bull is an energy drink that uses pure sugar with packaging
practical so that it can be drunk directly. Definition of energy drinks are beverages
contains one or more ingredients that easily and quickly absorbed by the body to
produce energy with or without food additives permitted, with
the total energy requirement of at least 100 kcal / serving (SNI 01-668-2002). Definition drinks
energized by BPOM the drink when taken in a reasonable amount corresponding
rule drink per day, it can provide energy not less than 300Kkal minuman berenergi

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